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In March 2020, when the pandemic began, Ho Chi Minh City grappled with confusion and swift restrictions to combat COVID-19. Stores closed, movement was restricted, and many faced financial hardships, particularly the homeless and blue-collar workers. The government introduced rice-dispensing ATM machines, largely funded by donors, to provide free rice. Responding to the crisis, a group of compassionate high school students formed CoRiceNa (RiceForLife), representing those who wanted to contribute but couldn't due to restrictions. We accept donations, using 100% of monetary contributions to purchase rice, which we then transport to the ATM machines. As community needs shifted to fresh vegetables, our name changed to RauForLife (Vegetable for Life).


Member of RiceForLife


At the ATM machine working with the volunteers there to finish the donation procedure


Instructions on how to donate to the organization


Receipt of purchasing rice


Receipt of purchasing rice


Receipt of purchasing rice


Receipt of purchasing rice

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